Ender 6 keeps rebooting

  • Hello all,

    My new 6 keeps rebooting when I try to heat up the bed and extruder. I bought it from Creality, it came with a busted X limit switch (which I've replaced) and firmware (which isnt on the website, is). Thinking it was a goombed up firmware, I flashed it to, also from the Support page, and now, in addition to it still rebooting when it heats, everything on the control screen is in Chinese. If I was younger, I might go to Rosetta Stone and get the Chinese module, but I'm much too old for that now .. clicking the Menu, and selecting English does not work, seems it's locked on Chinese (sigh) .. Lastly, I installed a BL kit to fix the bed never getting up to the proper height.. during assembly, set up, the bed always began an 1" too low, never got to the proper height, hence the BL kit install.

    Anyway .. when the bed/nozzle heats, the fan speed really gets dragged down (I do heat them separately), then, the printer shuts off, reboots. Seems that is the most pressing thing to fix bc, well, bc, I cant do anything until it remains On to print.

    I'm ready to box it up and send it back .. had it 3 weeks now and have not had a successful .. anything .. but boy, it looks mah-velous! 😦

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