Ender 3 V2 Print Nylon

  • I've just bought the ender 3 v2 from Banngood and I want to upgrade it to be able to print nylon. I'm unclear on what I need to buy to do this. Is there an all in one kit somewhere that get to do this?

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  • It depends on the type of polyamide (nylon) filament you're using. I have been printing with a filament that requires a 250°C HotEnd and 90°C plate. The filament guide PTFE tubing that comes with the printer will not support that for long enough to print anything useful. I traded out the portion in the hotend only with Capricorn PTFE tubing. It's working well enough now.

    You can follow the CHEP video for installing Capricorn in the hotend:
    He has links to Thingaverse for the washers he printed to bridge the tubing types.

    Or, you can replace the entire run of tubing with Capricorn.
    If you're going to cut it, you can buy a kit with the cutter included to make better squared ends. It's not that hard to do by hand, but takes some practice.

    You'll also need to make or buy an enclosure to prevent draft warping.
    I've been using the Creality branded enclosure with good success. It's a bit picky getting the machine into and out of the enclosure, but gets easier when you figure out a strategy for your unit.

  • Dear @Elron

    As I confirmed, Our company's printer does not support printing nylon materials

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