Faster printing Ender 5 icw Revo Micro hotend

  • Hi,

    For some months I have mounted a Revo Micro hotend on my (modified) Ender 5, but I'm still stuck on printing at 80mm/sec print speed. When I go faster, the quality drops significant.
    It should be able to print faster right? The carriage is much lighter, using the Revo Micro.

    Someone has some tips to print faster with little loss of quality? Thanks!

    Setup (most important features):
    Voron M4 extruder (bowden setup)
    V4.2.7 board
    Belt tensioners
    E3D Revo Micro with custom air duct
    3dB damper feet
    Slicer I use: Cura 5.1.0

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