ender 3 pro touch screen hangs on startup

  • hi everyone,
    I have an ender 3 pro and i added a touch screen to it and it worked fine, recently i put the wrong sd card in the main sd slot and now the touch screen won't go beyond the creality logo,
    i looked up similar problems and apparently this may be a firmware issue, but does anyone know the right firmware for the touch screen, and how exactly to fix it?
    my main board is version 4.2.2
    thank you

  • I created an account just to let you know that your instruction saved me from pulling my hair out. This should be in Creality website, not hidden into pages and pages of posts.


  • You will need to reload the firmware for the screen. You can get this at creality3d.com support>Manuals downloads

    I would update both the screen firmware and the printers software to make sure they are compatible with each other.

    Here are the steps for a Ender 3 S1 Pro:

    Go to creality3d.com at the top of the webpage select Support>Manuals Download. From the Manuals Download Page Select "Ender-3 S1 Pro 3D Printer". Select the download option for "Ender-3 S1_Pro_HWv24S1_301_SWV2.0.8.24F4_FDM_LASER" dated 09/01/2022 under Download Product Firmware. In the zip file you download copy the directory named Private to an micro-SD card. Unplug the Screen push it back and up to remove it from the bracket (Note: it is not hinged on the Ender-3 S1 Pro). After removing the 4 socket head screws from the back remove the back and then remove the screen from the case top. (Note: the screen is no longer attached to the case top and will fall out if you do not remove it from the top) Insert the micro SD card into it's slot in the screen and reattach the screen to the cable and power it up. A white Progress bar will turn from white to red as it progress through the steps which will be in very tiny type and upside down. After it completes (about five minutes) it will be at the home screen and everything is right side up again. Turn off the printer again remove the cable and remove the micro-SD card and reasemble the screen case and remount to the printer. Plug the cable back into the screen.

    Copy both the firmware file "Ender-3s1pro_hw24s1_301_V2.0.8.16F1_F103_LASER_FDM.bin" and the STM32F4_UPDATE directory to the main directory of a full size SD card. (I used the same micro-SD card with a full sized SD-card adapter) Reboot the printer with the SD card inserted. It will freeze up for a couple of minutes with just a few stationary dots but will then come up to the home screen again. Everything is now update.

    Next you can confirm everything is now updated by selecting Settings>About. It should show F/W VER and Screen VER V1.0.2.

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