V4.2.7 + CR-Touch + touchscreen frimware?

  • I used to have a ton of spaghetti problems. All my prints except for really small ones would fail.

    I recently got several parts from Creality for my Ender 3 Pro;

    • a 4.2.7 motherboard
    • a cr-touch
    • a touch screen.

    When I install the 4.2.7 motherboard and the cr-touch I used "Ender-3Pro_HW4.2.7_SW2.0.8.28_CRTOUCH_standard"

    This almost completely fixed my prints.

    But when I added the touchscreen I wasn't able to find firmware for it.
    The firmware included by Creality doesn't work at all. It just hangs on boot.

    I also tried 3rd party firmware that's supposed to be for V4.2.7 + touchscreen + BL-touch (note the BL instead of CR). That boots and the screen works but it goes back to failing all my prints.

    Is there firmware that lets me use all three of these upgrades together?

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