Old Ender 3 Pro vs new Ender 3 S1- S1 prints bad :-(

  • Hi all! I just got an Ender 3 S1. I have 2 older Ender 3 Pros that I have put about 2 miles of filament through. They do great prints. I have replaced parts when needed. My new Ender 3 S1...the print quality is garbage. Check out the picture https://imgur.com/a/IH40Gv1 and zoom in. The green was from the old E3 Pro and the blue is from the new S1. Same STL. Using Prusa slicer with the S1 profile. I always set them to .16 for these items. You can see the green one, the surface is smooth and smooth to the touch. The blue from the S1 is rough to the touch and is stringy and goopy. I have tried turning the temp down on the S1 to 200 for layers above the first and still have this issue. I would think the S1 should print better.

    I have tried using the Creality Slicer...same results.

    Now, the E3 Pros are running a recent release of Marlin. The S3 is running stock 3.0.3 Creality. Thanks!

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