Adjusting Extruder Step with Touchscreen

  • Added a CR Touch and 4.4.7 motherboard along with a Touchscreen to my Ender-3 printer. When going to add a dual gear extruder had a problem with not enough filament being extruded. The reason is the diameter of the dual gears are smaller so each step less filament was extruded. I went to adjust the flow for each step but could not find anywhere to do that. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do so I can add a dual gear drive without designing my own.

  • @vbrifner have done exactly the same thing, what I ended up doing was extruding 10cm of filament (0.4mm nozzle removed) and measuring it, I think it was about 72mm, as you can't change the e-steps using the touchscreen I increased the flowrate in Cura - Preferences- Printers- Machine Settings.
    I put a code M221 S139 in the Start G-code section I can remember if it was there initially if it was it would have been S100, the S139 increases the flow by 39% to take it from 72mm to 100mm.

    I'm going to go back to the old screen, because while it is pretty and nice to use, it's not fit for purpose as so many useful functions have been lost. @Creality should have updated it months ago.

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