Ender 3 Pro upgraded to 4.2.7 Silent Board - Board reverts to Chinese

  • Recently upgraded my Ender 3 Pro to the 4.2.7 Silent board. Printer was configured with the 4.2.2. board and the CR Touch. Flashed with the new board with the recommended firmware from the Creality.com site. (Ender-3Pro_HW4.2.7_SW2.0.8.28_CRTOUCH_standard)

    Everything is running great. But two concerns:

    1. The control panel displays "Ender-3 Ready" Shouldn't is say something like Ender-3 Pro ready?

    2. When I turn the printer on it often times comes up in Chinese. I figured out how to change the language to English, and that isn't too bad. But I lose all my settings (Probe Z Offset, PID tune etc).

    Is anyone else having this issue? And what is the resolution?

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