Need help with Sprite Pro kit for Ender-3 (4.2.2)

  • I was gifted a Sprite Pro kit for my old Ender-3 (v4.2.2 board) and after downloading and installing the firmware, my BL touch randomly fails and nothing will print. Everything seems to be working, was able to configure my Esteps and I can set the nozzle temp up to 300…
    I was able to run the Motion > Level Bed (and I assumed Save Settings saved the mesh to the EEPROM?) and then I tried removing the G29 from my gcode in Cura 5.1 and just load the mesh with the “M420 S1 Z2” command, but after the bed heats and the extruder heats, the bl touch homes ok but then displays “STOPPED” before doing anything?

    I can't get anything to print!

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