CR-6 SE will not read any SD Cards

  • I just assembled my CR-6 SE but it will not read any SD Cards inserted. I've tried a good, working SD Card from another printer, it does not work on the CR-6 SE. The cables are connected and passed continuity check.

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    I sent an email to,, and

  • @BR Turn off and insert SD card, and then turn it on.

  • FWIW it's not an used printer, that's just filament from testing the hotend while assembling the printer at the factory.

  • I have just the same problem have arriaved just today and its nost fucking working... I am really angry with creality... and they send a used machine since the PLA is white and when I pushed goes out red color one..

  • Do not put the SD card in until you have selected PRINT. It then reads the card. I have also found you need to touch the left side of the file name to select it. Touching to the right does not cause anything to happen.

  • I am having the same issue and would like to know how to use the Micro SD affixed to a computer so I can bypass the SD. If I pull the SD card out slightly it works. But, it is a pain in the patooty.

  • Make sure you are inserting the card right way up. The leads should be on top with the card logo on the bottom.

  • @admin,

    Watch this :

    I use one file to printer. My printer arrive yesterday 25/09/2020 , finish to assembly I had this surprise!! Can you help me please!!

  • Hi
    I have the same problem, my my sd card reader is not working. I made a video to post on the forum but I was not authorized. Probably other people have the same problem. Thanks for crealiy helping me to solve this problem.
    SD card has 4gb (maximum 16gb). I used the card that came with the printer the first time and looked on the forum to put only the files for printing. Done!!! does not work !! I leave you the images!!
    I leave the link with the video i made

  • @mroebuilds Had that same issue myself a few times. Turn on the printer THEN once it's up put in the SD card. Try leaving the SD card in the printer for a few minutes BEFORE going into the "Print" section. Highly possible that it's just slow.

  • Dear @mroebuilds

    1. The printer only recognizes SD cards below 16g of internal memory, and only recognizes gcode files. The file name is within 16 characters, and the file name consists of letters or numbers. It is recommended that the SD card only stores the models that need to be printed.
    2. If the SD card only stores the gcode printer and still cannot be recognized, please provide the computer to read the SD card and put the gcode file into the SD card video, and provide the video where the printer does not recognize the SD card.

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