Ender 3V2 upgrade Sprite Extruder BLtouch issue

  • Just upgraded my Ender V2 with the Sprite Extruder and original BLtouch with touch screen.
    In the upgrade, has cable for CRtouch connection, which I used to connect my BLtouch. I have started it up and everything is fine, hot end heats up, etc.. Adjusted the esteps to it's "standard". BLtouch is giving me an error 203 and when I am watching it, going to "stop 1" for level, goes way off the platform forward. M211 shows the correct parameters for the printer. I figured that the Probe offsets were off for the y, so I adjust it -45, which got me going. But, now I am seeing in the Bilinear Leveling Grid, goes though 0-3 and then "echo:unknown command: "05". Is that just a Pronterface issue, or something else?

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