Ender 3V2 hot end z-probe offset

  • Have a V2 with BLtouch and touch screen that I just upgraded with Sprite extruder Pro and filament sensor. After adjusting the z-probe offsets, I was able to level, etc.
    I updated firmware to set up the filament sensor, when everything crashed. Long story short, loaded prior operating firmware to get it all going again.
    Attempted to level again, nozzle will not adjust to the build platform, sets about 5.5mm above. I have gone through the process https://danieldoesmanythings.com/.../how-to-set-your-3d.../ to fix, but when it comes step 9, z will not drop any further. Doing this with Pronterface.
    Anyone have another way, short of raising the bed about 5mm's?

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