Printer has stopped printing!!

  • I Have not needed it since February then last week needed it BUT! I cant get it to work.

    As not used for a while I did an update (V1_H2.228.1a2.228.1_C2.228.1_R2.228.1.tar)

    Now nothing prints, not even failed stubs, tried cleaning and nothing! Took off vat and run a print and the light source works but seems dim (that could be right?) and slightly brighter around the very edge but no highlighted patterns as I expected, to form the layer.

    Is it the update or a Failure


  • @TomCrewe I have the exact problem, after updating to 2.228.1 the light became dim and screen doesn't show the layers at all... seems like more people have the same problem.

    I managed to downgrade to what seems to be the first version of halot one firmware which is not nice at all, but there are no proper versions of new firmware on creality download page. All they have there are just few months old updates and not a proper firmware version

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