New Ender 3 V2 Neo non-stop issues

  • I purchased this printing knowing it was low cost and that there would likely be small issues to deal with.

    Out of the box I could not get a decent first layer. I had to completely disassemble the printer and put it back together multiple times. The person that assembled it left many bolts loose. I finally have a nice first layer.

    Now that I can print, and the first layer is great, the layers aren't great. They do not line up, and there are often skipped layers. I'm guessing that my extruder motor or driver has issues. Possibly the nozzle, although I switched it out with the included spare. I'm also guessing that the very design of this printer with the single Z axis screw will always be an issue.

    Anyone else have anything to share about what they did to overcome all of the issues I've had?

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