Ender 2 Pro wrong firmware version

  • Printer came with board 2.4.s4 and firmware 2.2.36 with date Mar 23 2022.
    After a firmware update from the Creality site the firmware update to 2.2.36 with date Nov 13 2021 and every setting like acceleration,jerk, etc was really far from the original. Acceleration is at 3000..
    So anyone know where i can find the original stock firmware that was shipped with the printer with date Mar 23 2022?

  • Haven't tried yet myself, but read on the internet that the firmware Creality supplies dosen't work with the 2.4.s4 board at all. 😞
    Also the CR Touch might not work on the 2.4.s4 board.
    Creality should really do their homework and supply a working firmware with the Ender 2 Pro.

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