Creality Sonic Pad doesn't see ADSL345 SENSOR

  • Connected Creality Sonic Pad to Flying Bear Ghost 5, all works fine except resonance_tester. When I try to run the test I get "No sensor found yet" message.
    Wiring is 100% ok.
    printer.cfg is the following:

    [mcu rpi]
    serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu
    cs_pin: rpi:None
    spi_speed: 2000000
    spi_bus: spidev2.0
    # axes_map: -x,y,-z    
    accel_chip: adxl345
    accel_per_hz: 70

  • @kruemelg sonic pad doesn't see sensor neither from menu nor from console. Trying to connect to sensor several times is not how the device should work also.

  • I got several error messages by using direct the Sonic Pad resonance measurement.

    try it manually via console. Sometimes I have to try it 2 or 3 times, but then it worked for me:

    Console Code:

    if you have an bed moving Printer and an Y axis adapter you should also do the resonance measurement on Y axis.


  • You shouted that sonic pad works with any printer, you promised root access (I cant use tg bot and remote access without it). Nothing is true. And now you mumble: its not creality printer. LOL its ridiculous.

    And put yourself your smiles, you sent me broken device and trying to mislead me.

  • @admin how the printer model affects the performance of the sensor?
    Its from creality site by the way: The user-defined printer compilation function is integrated into the Sonic Pad. It is much easier to use Sonic Pad with non-Creality printers than before.

  • I think it's not our default machine:)

  • And one more question:
    Why the temperature is limited to 220/70? Is it supposed to print PLA only?

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