CR-3040 Pro

  • My experiences with the "CR-3040 Pro" with firmware v0.09:

    When you start the printer, it does not automatically home...

    When printing from USB, the printer doesn't seem to know it's printing.. you can't make fine adjustments while running or cancel a print in progress
    in some situations it can be difficult to know if someone else has started a print (OctoPrint).. (it could be seen on temp info)

    Display does not show M117 text
    nor does the M300 make any sounds..

    What is "Energy Saving Mode On/Off" ?
    What is "Economic On/Off" ?

    There is no or very little information about the CR-3040 Pro printer online
    You are completely referred to Creality Slicer or Creality Print
    (these two programs have completely different printing profiles)

    It comes with some ready-made files on the memory card.. from these you can find "start-G-Code" (if they print well for you)

    You think the size should make it a floor machine.. it even has wheels..
    but it needs to be placed on a bench that is approximately 35cm high..
    as it is now, the memory card slot and power switch are about 11cm above the floor.

    How can i control the FAN and LEDs from terminal?

    My Z-offset is -2.90 .. there is a new word for that on the printer is Z-axis compensation illustrated with an left and right arrow ?!

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