End Code not working

  • Hi all,
    Got my CR-6SE a few weeks ago, and for the most part, I've been very satisfied. One issue I'm having is it will not accept the end code (I'm using Cura 4.7.1) This end code works fine with the Ender-3, but not at all with the CR-6 SE. Instead of the bed moving out to present the print, it goes to X0 Y0 instead X0 Y220, and there is no audible "beep" when finished. What gives?

    End code follows --------------------------------

    G91 ;Relative positionning
    G1 E-2 F2700 ;Retract a bit
    G1 E-2 Z0.2 F2400 ;Retract and raise Z
    G1 X5 Y5 F3000 ;Wipe out
    G1 Z10 ;Raise Z more
    G90 ;Absolute positionning

    G1 X0 Y220 F2700 ;Present print
    M106 S0 ;Turn-off fan
    M104 S0 ;Turn-off hotend
    M140 S0 ;Turn-off bed

    M84 X Y E ;Disable all steppers but Z

    M300 S294 P200 ;D4: 294
    M117 All Done! :Display status

  • Hi,
    Could you please clarify? Does the CR-6SE not support any End Code commands from the slicer, or just parts of it? If parts, which parts? Final question, so how can I modify the code so the printer does what I want at the end of the print?

  • Dear @RedlLegEd

    CR-6SE does not support the end code command

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