Problem with the first start-up after assembly

  • Hello to all.
    Is there anyone who has had initialization problems during the first startup?
    Nothing to do the machine does not start.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Make sure the TF card has the carving file in the root directory and the TF card is inserted. Note:

    1. The machine reads the TF card root directory by default, and the system modifies the engraving files with the latest date. It is recommended to delete other irrelevant files in the root directory.
    2. Files can only be generated by LightBurn software and are compatible with.gcode/.gc/.g/.nc/.ngc

  • Hello Drumrgym,

    So the whole machine has been assembled as shown on the assembly video.
    Moreover, mechanically speaking, all the axes work manually without forcing.
    What I noticed is that no LED lights up on the laser head.
    I measured the output voltage of the power supply which is 23.86 V.

  • @Condormilan Did you check the voltage switch?

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