Firmware Question For Upgraded Ender 3 Pro - Use Pro or 3V2 Version?

  • I have an Ender3 Pro that I have made the following modifications/upgrades to:

    • 4.2.7 Main board, firmware updated;
    • Glass bed;
    • CR Touch auto leveling sensor, firmware updated;
    • 3V2 Touch screen, firmware updated;
    • Dual Z-axis upgrade kit;
    • SOVOL 5W laser module.

    My question is, when looking to upgrade or install the correct firmware (specifically for the laser in this instance, but also as a rule of thumb), which firmware should I be using, the Ender 3 Pro or the Ender 3V2 versions? At this point, I believe the only real difference between my Ender 3 Pro and a 3V2 is the power supply and the filament feeding system. I have been using the Pro versions so far, and haven't run into any problems, but I want to be using the correct firmware for my setup. I am wondering what predicates which firmware to use - the model of the original printer, or the 4.2.7 main board? Thanks in advance for your input!

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