CR10 Max failing to print after heat cycle

  • I have a CR-10 Max, Firmware Ver 1.70.0 BL
    All black except the lettering and the red metal pieces on the hot end and ends of the rail it sits on.

    The control interface is integrated into the front of the printer however it is only about 1/2 the width of the printer (centrally located). I'm assuming it's a model 1 of the CR-10 Max.

    It was working well however some weeks ago started failing to complete the print process.

    It will complete the heating steps then moves the bed to the front of the machine and puts Finish Print on the display (the bed and hot end cool while it waits for input).

    I've experimented with a very simple piece of gcode to try and get it to do the auto level steps and it won't complete that. Attempts to auto level via the control interface don't work. Removing auto level from the gcode does not allow a print to work either.

    I looked at a firmware upgrade but was somewhat confused as to which firmware I have and am not sure that changing the firmware is a good plan when I don't understand why it's not working in the first place. I found a site with images of CR-10 boards which I had hoped would help me work out exactly which firmware I needed however mine was not shown. I kept getting errors when I tried to attach an image to this.

    Any suggestions on what I should do next?

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