Ender 5 Pro: BLTouch goes off bed

  • Hardware:
    Creality Ender-5 Pro
    Silent motherboard V4.2.2
    SD card printing
    TMC2208 Drivers
    creality bltouch v3.1

    Firmware: (provided by creality support)
    Ender-5 ProMarlin2.0.6T3HW4.2.2BLTouch
    Auto-Home: X=70, Y=107, Z=10

    When doing bed leveling the probe goes off bed and stops.


    Coordinates after going off bed:
    X=180, Y=10, Z=10

    The leveling process is 9 points, it does the 1/9 around x=0, y=0, then 2/9 around x=100, y=4 and it fails in the 3/9 point.

    I have been going back and forth with Creality Support for more than one month and I do not see any progress. I am familiar with computers and have some knowledge in electronics. I have seen some people having similar issue but I do not see a solution posted. I did request Creality Support to send me the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h files so I can compare with what I have but they sent me some cura config values instead (which has nothing to do with the issue). I am willing to create a bin file if needed but I am not sure what values I should change. I did try M851 X-42 Y-6 Z0, in the code and using pronterface. My final goal is to be able do the bed leveling based on the position of the probe (no the location of the nozzle). Is it possible?

    For now, I need to make it work, regardless. I hope this forum help me to resolve it.

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