has anyone ever setup dual y axis motors on creality v4.2.7

  • hi everyone. i would like to ask if anyone has setup dual y axis motor on this board? most of the examples on intrnet are boards with dual extruder outputs on the board and are using e1 as the Y2. On the creality v4.2.7 it only has 4 total motor outputs. im going to use this board to make an etching laser and i would like to have dual y axis motors because of the length of the bed to drive the gantry. i dont need E0 or Z outputs on boards but i would like to use the Z axis output as Y2 axis output. has anyone ever tried this??
    thank you for reading this.

  • @jmartens1114 I expect this is possible. You would almost certainly have to compile your own firmware within which there are lots of configuration options to tinker with.

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