Something I noticed about adhesion (Ender 3 v2)

  • I have been struggling with adhesion with my new Ender 3 v2 for a while. Sometimes it seems to work fine and other times it fails to work. When it fails it always happens at the rear of the bed. But I think I have noticed something.

    Once the front panel indicates that the temperature has leveled at the selected temperature I begin a print. Whether I use a skirt or a brim I almost always see a problem at the rear of the bed where the filament doesn't adhere. I have tried turning the bed over from one side to the other, I have tried rotating the bed 90 degrees and the problem is always at the rear of the bed. This would seem to indicate that this portion of the bed isn't heating as it should.

    However, I noticed more recently that if I give it an additional 10 minutes or so to stabilize then I am more likely to have a successful print.

    My question is whether this is the expected behavior or not. Does this printer require some additional time after the front panel displays the desired temperature before starting a print?

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