Setup from rebuild of Ender 3 Pro

  • Hi
    I have Ender 3 Pro, Been working for 6 months without a hitch. Then the other day it started NOT printing.
    Checked everything I could think of, then started messing around with the hardware. what a mistake that was.
    I could not get it to print.
    After a very close inspection, I found that the Extruder 'clutch' was broken and my problem actually was lack of filament to the hot end.
    Replaced it and started to go through the setups again.
    Can I get it working? NO!
    Can't get the Z-axis end-stop in the correct position to enable me to bed level.
    I'm finding that the Z-axis end stop is as low as it will go and still not enough movement to bed level with corners.
    So can I ask if anyone has a 'foolproof' method of getting this setup?

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