No Z-axis movement during print: Partial solution

  • Printer won't move on the Z-axis while printing, but will during manual control?

    Most likely your SD card got corrupted. Simple fix:

    1. Reformat the SD card on your computer
    2. Insert into the printer while the power is off
    3. Turn on your printer.

    This should put a new configuration file on the SD card.

    Now, truth be told the reformatting is overkill, as it is just the configuration file that is corrupted. But what that file is called has changed over time. With my current firmware it appears to be called "BIN" without any filename extension.

    The solution I found buried deep in this forum listed the file name as something else. The poster had replaced several parts of his printer figuring that out, but as his efforts were buried and the file name has changed, I thought I should repost as obviously this still happens from time to time and his information was no longer current.

    So before you go swapping control boards and such, just try a new SD card. Probably helps with other strange behavior that suddenly starts happening as well.

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