New 3D-Printer, noisy ventilator

  • Hello to the community,
    I bought my Ender 3V2 a month ago and appreciate to communicate in forums like this. One argument to buy was the announcement of a special motor driving electronic for extra silent operation.
    Several models have been printed successful, so I'm satisfied generally with the quality of the printer.

    But there is one thing which is annoying to me, the noisy operation of the cooling ventilators.
    There is a high frequency sound (also ultrasonic?) coming from the radial ventilator for cooling the extruded filament, resp. bed cooling.
    Is there something to bring it to a more silent operation, like the axial ventilator, which only produces a white noise?

    I disassembled the hotend and found, that the ventilator itself does not produce that sound, it must be the design of the Housing which interferes with the ventilator.
    Help for sound reduction is highly welcome.
    Best regards

  • I made further investigations and found, that the grill in front of the ventilator interferes with the ventilator blades.
    So I decided to remove the grill right in front of the ventilator intake area.

    Great surprise:
    The printer is a lot more silent.
    I f you also would like to make your printer silent, you can have a look at the included images.
    Best regards
    Walter![1_1668935042899_20221120_083527.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1668935042899_20221120_083352.jpg](Uploading 100%) 20221120_083527.jpg

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