Bricked my printer.

  • I went and did it. I added the CR Touch to my CR10 V3 and due to rather unclear instructions regarding firmware (which one to use, how to upload, etc,), I appear to have bricked my printer. Is there a way to recover it with or without the CR Touch feature?

    Basically, it powers up, the Touch sensor extends and retracts twice, then nothing. The screen is backlit, but nothing is on it. I plug it in to the USB on my PC, but it is not recognized. I'm at a loss as my Google searches return only instructions to connect via USB. Any advice?

  • @MichaelL65 go to Creality’s firmware page and download the latest firmware file for your particular printer. Re-flash the firmware to return it to its previous configuration. Once it’s up and running again you can research the issue and hopefully find the solution to your problem.

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