CR-200B - loud steppers and vibrations

  • I'm having problems with loud steppers and vibrations.
    All axis have the same problem but Y has it worst. There are even some ghostings on the print.
    It is loudest when Y is moving in positive direction and X in negative.
    Here is short video where noise can be heard:
    Specifically, it is the low frequency noise.
    Here is other video printing infill:

    On that last video, you can hear changing frequency, even tho motor doesen't change speed. Only direction is changed.

    Belts seem to be at the propper tension, no grinding on the sides of the pulley, guides are gresed with grease that was in the box wit the printer, motor drivers are sligthly warm to the touch ,PSU is quite hot and X motor is so hot that I can't hold my hand on it.
    Problem is present for the last week, and it's getting worse. Printer is 3 weeks old.

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