Prints sliced with Creality Slice 4.2 aren't working

  • I just received the printer, assembled it and printed a few of the pre-loaded models that were on the SD card. All of them printed out beautifully. However, I have also downloaded some models and sliced them with Creality's recommended slicing software. Some of them have worked, although they've printed very stringy. Others of them have failed after starting to print well (one printed for 12 hours, and then just stopped with 74% of the print left). Is there some kind of guide on what the slicer settings should be? What is the cause of stringy prints, and how can I fix that?

  • Dear @dl45,

    It seems we don't have the teaching stuff for Slice4.2, and our engineer suggests to use 1.2.3, which will be easier.😢
    But I will suggest them to work on it. Hope we can make it out quickly.

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