UK Delivery time Backer number 8036

  • Hi there can any one tell me where exactly is my printer now, I know that you are telling people that they have to wait up to 50 days I have seen the picture with step by step how long is the way. But my printer was sand in 8th batch that was on 03.08 on the 5th of August I have received email with tracking number and from that time my printer is still on a ship and according to you I should have it in the next 7 days (delivery up to 50 days). In the same time I have bought airbrush form China and Air compressor and you know what I painting with them from over 3 weeks now I have received them in two weeks from China. That is why I'm asking how long you wont us to wait fro that delivery.

  • Dear @Cartillan

    For this shipping, it is sea shipping, not air shipping, which will take more time on the boat.
    And thanks for your support and patience, it may still on the boat and near to you, I think you will receive the machine quickly.

    Please check the following picture, it is the process for shipping:

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