Ender 3 pro issue

  • Hello iv got ender 3 pro just assumable it look very nice.
    iv got problem in the y axis.
    X and z working perfectly, the y axis work good when he come to the front (the direction) but when he go the other direction (go to the back side) he dosent roll like he sould And little stuck, so he dosent move the amount of move axis that he need 2.
    For simple, the move axis out of y its little stuck, what can i do?

  • @Tim33
    Check to make sure the belt is in the middle of the aluminum slot from front to back. If the rollers are set correctly, assuming there is no warp in the Y axis profile aluminum, they should not bind differently along the beam.

    Things to check:
    Belt position
    Belt tension
    Adjustment of the pinch roller under the print bed
    Make sure the wiring and harnesses are tucked out of the way

    Good luck! YouTube is a great resource for Ender machines.

  • Dear @Tim33

    Operate the Y axis to move to the limit switch direction, can it move normally? If it cannot move normally, please replace the Y-axis limit switch with the Y-axis, and move the Y-axis during operation.

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