Is the power switch dead?

  • I ran it periodically over the past few days. Yesterday at the start of a print the power shut off. If I flip the switch to off it turns on briefly then shuts off. If it try to turn it on it doesn't stay on long. After unplugging it and checking I don't see burn marks on the switch terminal, but if I smell the switch it smells like soldering. I haven't taken the psu out to check there yet, but I feel like it is the switch.

  • Dear @EventHorizon

    I have checked with our engineer, the white wire is the Hot melt glue, you can just move them away, it will be fine, don't worry about it.

  • @Mscottie let us know how that goes - I really need to replace that whole module though due to severe sketchiness in the form of small metal bits free-floating around in the housing.

  • @Crazyheaven Yeah I don't mind replacing it - not my favorite thing to do, but this thing is simple enough. I cannot find a replacement that matches theirs though. I don't want to replace just the switch itself because I found other sketchy thing goings on with that whole housing (the switch, plug, fuse module). If you managed to find one would appreciate a link!

  • @admin I would be happy to, however I am unable to find a switch on Amazon that mounts like the switch you had there. Most have their mount points vertical to the long plane. The switch I removed from my printer has its mounting points horizontal to the long plane. There is a type of switch that looks very similar to yours but it has no mounting points and the lead configuration is similar but different. When it comes to playing with things that can have the capability to shock the crap out of me, or burn my house down, I do not subscribe to guess work or "close enough". Can you please supply a direct link to a compatible switch, or a model # that describes the configuration you guys are using?

    As a side note when I removed the switch I could see in the back side metal components moving freely inside of the switch and partly poking out one of the unused lead points. I would be willing to bet whatever it was (it disappeared into the recesses of the housing when I tried to pull it out) could most certainly cause an arc and subsequent burned up switch. It looks like now it might just be causing a short.

    Lastly, when I pulled the cpu board cover off to test the power supply connections just to confirm the switch was not getting power over there, I found a LOT of white "hair" strung about inside of the cavity. I also found large globs of what I assume is glue blotted onto and between various connectors. The "hair" thank goodness must be strands of glue as someone moved the glue gun about - but it was literally so bad that I had to give a hair cut to the board so that the strands were not running everywhere and laying across the board. Is it OK to remove the glue from the various connectors (and please tell me it IS glue and that I didn't have some alien spider ? I noticed some were so gooped on that they were holding the plug slightly out of the socket in a few cases. This pic was taken AFTER I removed a good deal of strands strewn about the whole board area. Should I be concerned about this?

    board view

  • @EventHorizon

    Replace the switch and send them the bill for it. It isn't hard to do.

  • Found this Youtube link below that shows how to replace just the toggle switch and had a good link to compatible switches on Amazon (but out of stock on the LED version) and a little bit longer than the original, but there are others that will work also.

    Original switch part number is KCD1-104. 6A 250v/10A 125V. Size is 21x15.1x24mm

    I've ordered MXRS brand KCD1-104 (just black), Twidec CA-KCD1-4-201, and Mxuteux KCD1-4-201NR to try out and see which one is the best.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm another affected. So much for this being a low DPM problem. Creality, you do realize that your link takes you to switches that don't fit this printer? Anyone know of one that actually works?

    I was concerned when the first flip of the switch showed a flash but never saw a light after that. Didn't have a problem until about 36 hours later.

  • Dear @bakaneko718 @EventHorizon @juliandtavares

    If you have the same issue about the power switch, it is recommended to change a new one.

    As shipping a switch from China takes more than 50 days by the sea, we suggest you buy a 3d printer switch on Amazon, which is less than 10$, please give us your shopping bill and PayPal account to, we’ll arrange refund money for your buying.

    Here is the amazon link:

    Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

  • I am having this same issue. Has anyone had luck with getting assistance from creality? The email bounced my request for help back at me.

  • I have the exact same issue, power will come on for a few seconds randomly, otherwise it's dead completely. I have checked continuity on the switch and everything seems fine, and verified continuity in the ON position and NO continuity in the OFF position. I do not see nor smell any burning on or near the switch. So the switch, or at least that part of it, appears to be doing its job, but I am no electrician.. Prior to this, it was working fine.

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