Cr-5 pro not printing.

  • Hi i just bought new cr5 pro, after initial calibration tried to print the demo file - which printed ok. Then i tried to print some of my own files sliced with the boxed slicer - all was ok. Next day when i tried to print any file demo/my the printer prehets bed and extruder but does not start printing. Looked up for fw for update but it is not listed in downloads. Tried recalibration - nothing. Rebooting - nothing.

  • @kybelvody

    1. The printer only recognizes sd cards with a memory of less than 16g, and only recognizes gcode files. The file name is within 16 characters, and the file name consists of letters or numbers. It is recommended that the SD card only stores the models that need to be printed.

    2, Please download the firmware on our website and update: