Who else is sick and tired of the filament run-out bug?

  • This happens every single time I run a long print. Middle of the night the printer pauses saying that filament needs to be loaded. I hit continue and it resumes with a definitive line right in the middle of my print. Are you guys going to put out a fix for this? Kind of frustrating...

  • I get the same issue, is there a YouTube video or a detailed step by step instruction how to do this?

  • I'm having the same problem. Every 10 minutes or so, it seems to ask me if the filament is okay. I've stood in front of it watching the blue light on the filament detector and it doesn't ever go out or flash or anything. The screen just asks me to push the button to continue, but in the process, it strings a mess all over the print. I can't stand around and babysit it all day. a 3 hour print took 8 hours because of all the lost time.j

    I don't understand Creality's instructions. Look for metal shrapnel? There's nothing in there and like I said, I've watched it at the moment it errors. The blue light doesn't even flicker. Other ideas?

  • @Nillo Just short pin 1 and 3. Remove the cable from the sensor. Connect pin 1 and 3 with a small wire. Remove the sensor from the printer. Done.

    Creality has premade jumpers for other printers but did not include it with the CR6. Shame.

  • Dear @Nillo

    If there is a filament break detection trouble, it is recommended to disassemble the filament break detection switch to see if the metal shrapnel in the filament break detection switch is stuck. Unplug the filament-cut detection line to see if it still makes a clicking sound and whether the consumables can pass through the filament-cut detection switch.

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