nozzle stays up when starting print after perfect sideline extrusion

  • So, I have a weird one. I've been printing several things over the last few days and my Ender 3 v2 has been working flawlessly until this afternoon. I loaded up a new file and it just created a huge ball of mess, so I restarted it and watched closely.. It turns out it will print that quick back and forward line on the left side just fine with good leveling, then sort of Z hop over to where the print is supposed to start and starts happily extruding an 8th inch above the build plane.

    I've turned it off and on again (lol), did nothing. I've tried running previously known good .stl files, no good. I've checked my settings and nothing has changed from one print to the next, so I decided to upgrade the firmware while I was at it to 1.0.1. I figured maybe, just maybe, something got corrupted. But nah, that did nothing too.

    Does anybody have a clue what could be going on here? I'd appreciate any help, I'm pretty new to this and I'm kinda just stuck here scratching my head.


  • Hi JBresee, The Z-axis jumps during printing, please check if the X-axis shakes, refer to this video to adjust: