Offset prints, and pattern head hits. I have the impression that it does not maintain the necessary height

  • After receiving the Creality Ender 3 Pro printer, I managed to create some test models that were printed well.
    Yesterday I started printing a model, which went well, after which it stopped printing, without any incident and without making any changes.
    Later I tried to print another model, but it turned out horrible:

    1. also at about five layers the pattern appears shifted to the left and forward, more and more as it is printed.
    2. when restarting the printing, the shifts appear differently.
    3. Repeatedly you can hear and see how the head hits the model.
      The model is a box in which several collinear cylindrical holes are placed.


    A good day



  • Hi, the printing layer is shifted, it should be the X axis belt is not installed or the X axis belt is loose. Please follow the video to install it again.

  • @mirtiri

    You may be on faulty firmware version v0.0.9. Does this while TUNE during print.

    Update firmware to v1.0.1 to fix.

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