Anybody from Canada received their printer yet?

  • It's probably still early, but on the off-chance that printers have arrived "early" from the only Canadian shipment so far (from Aug 11), has anyone from Canada received their CR-6 SE? If so, did you have to pay extra for duty?

  • Hi @einhager. It's printing ok but I am having issues with the ABL. I have a few posts already about it. I am having fun regardless. For my first printer I have already published two designs and tweaking a third right now. The filament sample with the printer is working out real nice.

  • @bananaoby @spauliszyn That's awesome! How's it working out for you? Did you experience any issues?

    @GRCT42 Yeah, same here. I'm in the most recent batch (Sept 25) of printers sent to Canada, still haven't received any kind of notification from Creality or PledgeBox.

  • Received it on Sept 21 to Vancouver.

  • I have not heard anything from Creality about my printer. Not even shipped as far as I know. Not impressed with them by any means.

    I purchased add-ons and it seems that those have been left for last.

    Has anyone heard anything about printers with adding shipment to Canada?

  • I got mine last Thursday, Sept. 17. I wasn't even expecting it because I thought they would notify me when the boat reached north america or at least when the domestic carrier took over.

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