CR-6 SE SOURCE CODE and Tutorial Video update

  • @Crazyheaven it's in the .rar file

  • @ncbob I applaud your initiative. I wish I had programming experience outside of VBA.

  • @ncbob Okay thank you, i do not flash newer firmware until it get's released for direct flash. The printer runs good with some litte bugs so i can wait.

  • @S7EN honestly I’m not sure what they changed, I do like that I can make my own changes if needed and see what they have done and how things are configured. I mostly did it to try and get my printer working, mine is one where the steppers won’t move.

    Now when I try to home it doesn’t halt anymore, but it still doesn’t work.

  • @ncbob Is it worth it? I mean, whats better?

  • Here's a link to the firmware bin file:
    firmware.bin V1.0.3.6

  • @admin this tutorial is so vague... i formatted card, copied .bin file, inserted in printer, staqrted printer, and it stays on the creality boot screen.. nothing loads

  • Oh one other thing after you make those changes clean out the .pio directory in the root of the project before you do another build.

  • I was finally able to compile the version of the firmware.
    These are the changes I made to platformio.ini file
    I added this line:
    board_build.core = maple
    to the [env:STM32F1_base] section

    I had to comment out this line:
    in the [common] section

    Going to get a small 8gb sd card and then try to flash it and see if it fixes anything.

  • I do not see the video tutorial. Am I missing something?

  • How about getting the .bin file uploaded for the new V1.0.3.6 ?

  • the firmware fails when i try to compile with visual studio, i get this error warning: Calling missing SConscript without error is deprecated.
    Transition by adding must_exist=0 to SConscript calls.
    Missing SConscript 'C:\Users\megas\Downloads\CR-6 SE -source code V1.0.3.6\CR-6SE-Marlin-2.0.1- 20200916 - V1.0.3.6\buildroot\share\PlatformIO\scripts\'
    File "C:\Users\megas.platformio\penv\lib\site-packages\platformio\builder\", line 177, in <module>
    *** [C:\Users\megas\Downloads\CR-6 SE -source code V1.0.3.6\CR-6SE-Marlin-2.0.1- 20200916 - V1.0.3.6.pio\build\creality\FrameworkArduinoVariant\PeripheralPins.c.o] Source C:\Users\megas\Downloads\CR-6 SE -source code V1.0.3.6\CR-6SE-Marlin-2.0.1- 20200916 - V1.0.3.6\.pio\build\creality\FrameworkArduinoVariant\PeripheralPins.c' not found, needed by target C:\Users\megas\Downloads\CR-6 SE -source code V1.0.3.6\CR-6SE-Marlin-2.0.1- 20200916 - V1.0.3.6.pio\build\creality\FrameworkArduinoVariant\PeripheralPins.c.o'.

  • Thank you. This is nice.

    A few changes would help:
    First and foremost, you need to add MARLIN back to the boot screen. Creality doesnt exist with out REPRAP and MARLIN, please add.

    Second, more controls are needed at the LCD. For example, turning off the filament runout sensor and temperature adjustment.

  • The tutorial video is for the motherboard firmware update, it is in the CR-6 SE 32-bit V1.0.2bin 200907rar

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