Ender 5 Pro V4.2.2 mainboard with BLTouch - alarm ringing

  • I am trying to install BL Touch onto an Ender 5Pro with the V4.2.2 main board. I have downloaded the recommended Aug 29 firmware, but once installed, there is a constant alarm ringing.

    Also, I notice when I install the Pinboard A from the BL Touch kit, the display does not work.

    I have watched all the videos more than once, and still cannot progress.

    How do I correct this?

    Thank you!

  • @DennisSamson Problem has been resolved, it was an incorrect connection on my part when installing the Pinboard for BLTouch.

    NOTE: When installing the Pinboard on the Ender 5 Pro, the three pins for the BLTouch connector need to be bent 90 degrees to provide adequate space for the cooling fan.

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