New to 3D Printing - Filament not being fed during print

  • I need help.

    I received my printer and set everything up. Auto-leveled the bed, installed the filament, everything seemed fine. That is until I started to print.

    The printer will go through the motions without filament being pushed into the nozzle. If I put pressure on the filament toward the filament sensor, the filament will come out. I've adjusted the screws to the stepper and made sure it was in the locked position, but nothing seems to help.

    I have included a link to a video I shot showing the issue. This video is near the end of the print at 95%. I was attempting a test print of something I found on github.

    I am new to this hobby, but willing to learn. I'm just not sure what to do next.

  • @dermaestro I am having the same issue. Was this resolved?

  • @dermaestro This may be stupid but shouldn't the extruder clip be in the other position? From your video it appears to be in the open position which will let you manually extrude filament but the extruder won't be gripping the filament. Apologies if you already new that and it was just open for the demo.

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