CR-6 SE filament sensor tripping when there is still filament

  • When I do long prints, the printer pauses and asks to add filament and resume every few hours or so. It is not out of filament and there was not a break. I hit the resume button and it starts right up, but the stops again after a few hours.

  • I've been running into this problem over the last week. Seems that if the filament isn't tight on the spool, the "bouncing" that occurs causes the feeder to think the filament has run out.

    Another thing to note, if you're near the printer when it "runs out" DO NOT press the Resume button before the head reaches Home. Every time I've done that the print head goes to the center of the bed and tries to rest the nozzle on the bed... even if there's a print there!

  • I am having the exact same problem. I even replaced the censor with the one from my CR10s and still does the same thing. I checked the other end of the cable, and the plug is secure.

    I see you posted this TWO MONTHS ago. That tells you just how bad the customer service is with Creality.

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