Z axis motor reposition

  • SO I'm new here but I'm having fun tweaking and upgrading my ender 3 the next thing I'd like to add is a SKR 1.4 turbo board a second z axis lead screw and some some S42B closed loop stepper motor drivers but looking at z axis the only way I can see to fit the stepper motors is to flip the z axis so the motors are mounted at the top. I'm guessing this may add some whobble to the printer as the top isnt as rigid as where it is currently mounted but i'd like your thoughts before I make the leap and purchase the board and stepper motors or should I just upgrade to a SKR Mini E3 v2.0 board for 32 bit and just fit a 2nd z axis lead screw and standard motor.

    My current upgrades are Petsfang cooling ducts, BLTouch ABS, aluminium extruder capricorn tubing.

    The reason I want go dual z axis is I exentually want to move the extruder to a direct drive position and I think the extra motor on the z axis will help carry the added weight on the z axis bar

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