Can not extrude or retract filament

  • Just got my printer, got it together and today tried loading the filament it shipped with. Had a heck of at time getting it to feed into the bowden tube. Cut and recut the filament at 45 degrees but just couldn't get it. Opened the extruder (whoever designed this extruder is a monster) and was able to feed the filament through the tiny hole into the tube. Put the extruder back together, but the filament wouldn't budge, had the extruder clip in the open position. Nothing I tried would move it an inch. Opened the extruder again, was then able to feed the filament down the hot end and manually extrude some filament. Put it back together again. Tried to use the menu to feed filament, no go, tried printing, nothing, tried manually extruding or retracting, with the extruder clip open, nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something else I should be adjusting in the extruder? Not sure what to do next, or what could be wrong.

  • Hi dgtitan,

    I also find that loading the filament is fidgety. The problem is that the filament needs to be perfectly straight to get all the way through, but what is every perfectly straight.

    I find that if i twist the filament one way or the other it will finally go through. But twisting filament while it is neatly on the spool is near impossible!!! So I find that if you make a little s-bend in the filament it acts like a hand-crank (like a car jack handle) and it makes it easier to twist.

    I am not having any problems with the extrusion motors and I wish I could be more helpful. You must be so frustrated having to wait all this time for shipping in order to wait longer with buggy extruder. Bummer 😞

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