ENDER 3 V2 ways to update firmware

  • Hi all,

    i've dowloaded "Ender-3 V2_1.1.6V_Latest Firmware.zip" from https://www.creality.com/download/32 but i didn't found the "how to" perform this firmware update.
    Cause i read than ther is risk to brick printer, could you please help about step to follow ?


  • Exept the fact than in "Ender-3 V2_1.1.6V_Latest Firmware.zip" we have "Ender-3 V2_Latest Firmware_-2.0.2-V1.0.1-2020.6.2.bin", the was to process is easy.

    0 - verify printer's firmware version
    1 - Download last firmware : https://www.creality.com/download/32
    2 - put *.bin file on sd card root extracted from *.zip
    3 - switch off printer
    4 - insert SD card
    5 - switch printer on
    6 - wait for printers restarting and verify firmware version change

    .... no need of the instruction for ISP firmware upgrade foundable with *.bin file

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