Temperature Reporting

  • Temperature Reporting from the printer is doubling the output of the data. Here is an example from the terminal in OctoPrint:

    Recv: TT::18.0118.01 //0.000.00 BB::18.1218.12 //0.000.00 @@::00 BB@@::00

    Is this problem being fixed? When can we expect a firmware update?

  • @admin, this website explains the problem: https://plugins.octoprint.org/plugins/ender3v2tempfix/

    The question is: Is this problem being fixed? In other words, is the Creality team aware of it and is fixing it?

    Question 2: When is the next firmware update going to be released? That is, 1.0.2 is available now, but is there plans to release 2.0.3 or higher? I don't know how I can explain this question any more than I have.

  • Dear @spauliszyn

    I have feedback your issues to our engineer, but it seems that he can't understand your questions just follow your words. If you can provide more details that would be appreciated. Thank you

  • @spauliszyn I totally agree. Seems like it should be a pretty simple fix to do, so it puzzles me why we have no timeline on the resolution. It's not like it just the CR-6 SE either, seems to be all the latest printers are sharing the same firmware and thus the same issue.

    Other than this issue, my CR-6 SE experience has been really good, especially since this is my first 3D printer!

  • @Stonedog03 Ya I am using that too but the terminal is still showing this crazy broken output. I can still limp through this but considering this is not a new broken feature, its a shame that they missed it for their big kickstarter.

    Hopefully Creality can give us at least some sort of idea when the next firmware update is coming and if it will be addressed.

  • Yeah, I have the same issue with my CR-6 SE:

    Recv: TT::29.8329.83 //0.000.00 BB::39.5839.58 //0.000.00 @@::00 BB@@::00

    There is a work around via a plugin for OctoPrint, but it is annoying.

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