How to level the bed remotely

  • Does anyone know what g-code parameters to send to initiate the bed leveling? I can see that it is G29 but there are so many parameters. Thanks in advance

  • I would also like the ability to add leveling to be started via GCODE instruction G29, I use Octoprint and a smart power plug to turn on my printer, so I would like to be able to start the process from my pc which is in an other place. So it is not very handy that leveling needs to be done manually. Can this be added to a coming firmware?

  • Thanks @admin, I am aware of the ABL feature on the LCD console. But I am asking about using the other built-in g-code features. Specifically G29. I would like to automate the proccess remotely as much as possible instead of having to run the ABL from the printer and wait, the start my print.

  • Dear @spauliszyn

    There is an automatic leveling option in the printer, which cannot be realized by G code.

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