Cleaning the print bed

  • Sorry if this has been covered before, but I'm new here and didn't see any way to search for a similar post. Lately I've been having adhesion issues with filament that I've used a number of times. Looking at the heated print bed, I see very light remains of previous prints, like a thin layer of old PLA. Is there a recommended way to clean the glass of the print bed? I'm wondering if my new prints aren't adhering because of the old filament remains.
    I don't want to scratch the glass, so scrubbing is out. Heat it way up and let it burn off or melt so that it is easier to remove? Any recommended chemicals? Any help would be appreciated. Ender3 v2.

  • If it's the same material of glass bed as the CR-6, it's not recommended to clean it with alcohol. But any glass bed should be easily cleaned with warm water and soap, anyway, it's just more convenient using IPA or window washing spray, but that apparently ruins the coating on the Creality glass beds.

  • Hi, i also have Creality Ender 3 Pro. I have same issue about print bed. Now i’m using glass bed too. Why i need to cleaning glass bed, is because i used to sticking glue stick to glass bed before printing, and hope that the filament can stick to the glass bed. But it elave mark on the glass. So what i do is, i put some liquid soap (i use body wash), and add some water, mix it ant put into spray bottle. Then i heat up the glass bed, spray the glass bed with soap water, then scrap it with side profile of cutter. Some also directly using side profile of cutter to clean it.

    Hope it helps.

  • I too have the same question, I see this isn't answered yet.

    I believe something like an isopropyl alcohol spray/wipes would do the job quite well but not 100% sure, and also interested in the process, i.e. as noeman5 asks, should you heat the bed up high or clean while cool?

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