Adhesion and layering issues

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    I've had my Ender 3 Pro for several months, and it's worked remarkably well.

    However, a few weeks ago, I purchased some PLA [name brand (Jinos), not cheap stuff], and have had nothing but trouble. I contacted them, and tried their recommended settings, but nothing changed much.

    I can no longer get a solid base layer (it skips - see #1 in the image), or #2, if I'm lucky. I keep hoping that the next layer will somewhat "repair" it (see #3 and #4), but no luck. The further it prints, it starts looking "fuzzy" (#5), and has begun skipping layers.

    I also purchased some PETG from another seller, and I get the same results, and now I do with ABS and other PLA that have worked fine.

    The only settings I've messed with have been nozzle temperature, bed temperature, print speed, fan speed and bed-leveling (adjusting the gap with a sheet of paper).

    I've tried the low-end and high-end of the temperature ranges for each type of filament (nozzle and/or bed), and it makes no difference, nor have the adhesives (nothing, ABS juice, glue stick, hair spray, blue painters tape). I've enlarged the gap and reduced it, but still no consistency other than what I don't want to happen.

    The only way I get a good base layer is to force filament through the extruder, but still messes up after the first layer. I tried calibrating the extruder, because the ALL3DP website said it sounded like I was under-extruding. I ran it twice before I changed anything, and got the same result twice, and it has made very little difference. I even changed the nozzle, hoping there was a problem with the original one.

    I haven't had a decent print in about three weeks, and I'm getting seriously frustrated, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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