Fan noise and forum search?

  • Hi, I've just received my printer, but the moment I turn it on the fans are loud and constantly running. Is this normal?

    The nozzle and heated bed are off, and the only option I can find in the menu is via Control -> Temp -> Fan. I can hear a fan turning off somewhere (where out of interest?), but the extruder fan remains on.

    I've updated to firmware v1.0.2 but that didn't help.

    Also, how do I search these forums, in particular this category please?


  • Dear @Mic_Hazelburn

    Thanks for your suggestions, I will collect this kind of feedback and send them to our R&Dteam, hope the next machine will be better.

  • The printer is very loud, thats true!

    All fans are not the silenced at all. In front of the hotend is an 30mm one (little, fast - that one will not be quit), 40mm on the side and two 60mm under the printer.
    The most noise comes from the 60mm in the PSU. The main problem here is, that the fan is getting louder if more power is needed from the printer. So, in peak you'll always have 100% in prints because of balancing the temps.
    I did some tweak with another PSU from another printer with a temp-resistor behind the fan. If the PSU temp is getting up to 65°C, the fan will start but not under this temp. Than, you hear it only a view seconds and all is quiet after that again. I like to do this a lot, becaus as an technical electrician its easy to do.

    But in this case, I'll try something else first - changing the fan by another brand with a lower db ratio.

    But hey @creality - why don't you use fans with the lower db but same flow ratio like the one from
    I'll bet, a little bit more on the selling price will not let people think the printer is to expansive.

    Prusa does the same with there fans and gets enough outcome.

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